All You Need To Know About Loft Conversions

If you have an attic space, you can extend your house in the easiest and cheapest way through loft conversion. The best part is that it doesn’t even use your garden. In fact, if you have a terraced or low house, this is the best way to extend it.

A number of modern houses have been built with a loft space that’s only two to four feet high. These types of houses require a new roof and you will also have to raise the roofline. So this type of a conversion may require more work. You might encounter some objections in the planning process, but if you can get a planning permission, you will find it cheaper and easier than bricks and mortar extension.

attic conversion

Most people use loft spaces to store unwanted junk. It doesn’t make sense to waste all that space, an extra space that could have been put to better use.

There is so much you can do with your loft. It is thus advisable to first consider the needs of your family and how they will use the loft before you can call in a loft contractor to give you the quotation.

The main reason why people go for an attic extension is to provide a new master bedroom or have and en-suite bathroom or two new bedrooms for the family or guests.

The good thing about loft conversions is that you can do almost anything. There are homeowners who make a living area for their teenagers. You can also make this space a private room for your daughter with a baby. If you need a superb office then you can convert your loft to that office. But that’s not all. Make this space your photography studio or a playroom if you so desire.

attic conversion

There is more that goes into attic conversion than just nailing a few floorboards to the joints. Other works involved include plumbing, electrical, insulation and carpentry. This is why it is important that you hire a loft conversion specialist. So this is not the usual DIY handyman-type of job you can do.

Attic conversion specialists have been trained to understand more about the strengthening of the roof and getting rid of any trusses that are necessary so that you can have more free space inside the loft. You shouldn’t try to do these jobs by yourself as this may be dangerous. The roof can cave in or the whole house can come down. It is important to remember that the roof also holds your house in place.

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