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If you throw an outdoor party in your home and your guest feel cold in patio, then it’s the time to install the patio heaters. When you install the patio heaters in your home, after installation you can enjoy with your family in outdoor like simple get together, a family event and spending time with your partner. The patio heaters come in very sleek and compact design can be placed in outdoor or indoor purposes. If you are purchasing patio heaters for first time, then you must read the Patio Mate reviews.

Most of patio heaters work very effectively in heat up the place and you can sit with your family or enjoy your winter days. The freestanding heater is one of most common patio heaters which produce high heat as compared to other. These types of patio heaters give the best result of heating in covered outdoor area. You also have to choose a power source of patio heaters you want like electric, natural gas, and propane. The Patio Mate also helps you in choosing efficient heaters for your patio and also gives reviews about different patio heaters.

Unique Design Patio Heaters

  According to Patio Mate, there are some different types of design:

  • Freestanding: This is one of most common patio heaters for outdoor purpose. These heaters are seven to eight feet tall and you will also experienced the heat in local hotels or restaurants. The freestanding heaters are very beneficial for small or medium size deck. Most of freestanding have wheels in their bottom, so it is very easy to move them from one place to another place.
  • Wall-mounted: These heaters are commonly used by many people and it is most varied heaters. It comes in the low range, mid range, and top range. The Wall-mounted Heaters use the electricity source for providing heating. And these heaters are very similar to ceiling mounted heaters, because of space usage.
  • Tabletop: As compare to performance the tabletop heaters are very similar to standing heaters and it can work with both gas and electricity. The tabletop heaters can serve for decorative and heating to your patio.
  • Floor standing heaters: These types of heaters are usually used in bars and restaurants; its setup process is very easy. Its source of providing the heat is from gas like propane, ethanol etc.
  • Parasol heaters: These heaters are very beneficial for clubs, bars, restaurants and industrial spaces. The parasol heaters are very similar to Wall-mounted heaters.
  • Ceiling mounted heaters: It is ideal choice for you, if you have less space in your home. These heaters run in the source of electricity and save your lot of money of gas.
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