Buying a new home vs. an old one

Though the demand and popularity of newly constructed homes are fairly high, there are still many home seekers who prefer mature and old one. Buying a home is a big investment. But taking a call on what type of a house to invest in needs a considerable amount of thought. While making your pick, it is advisable to go over your preferences, personal needs, and requirements. Think whether you give priority to energy efficiency, resale value or landscaping. Weigh on both the options and take a rational decision. But before starting your contemplation, go over these points.

Design and built:

Most contemporary homes offer a handful of designs and styles to choose from, and often these homes look the same way. If you are someone who likes symmetry, then newly built homes in these home communities can be an apt option for you. But if you have a taste for personalized and custom made home designs, finding a resale home should be your consideration. Older homes located in these neighborhoods are often constructed with a personalized layout and have unique exterior features. Most often, these homes feature well-maintained landscape adding more to its appeal.

Construction Quality

If we consider quality, most new properties are built quickly. With the amount of time, the quality of construction materials used has fairly decreased. As a result, they are more prone to damages and need regular repairs. But the good thing about newly built home is, they have no mark of repairs and signs of any wear-and-tear, and they come with a home warranty that initially covers many repairs. Most of these homes are designed energy efficiently. Although resale homes are structurally strong, they are still prone to the time associated damages like roofing or plumbing which can turn out to be very costly to repair. One more important thing resale house buyers for cash should consider before making a bid for the house is to check if it is energy efficient or not.

Size matters

Older homes usually feature small-sized rooms and come with limited storage space as compared to newly built homes. Spacious bedrooms, walk-in closets, home theaters, game rooms in homes are a relatively new concept that is hard to be found in mature homes. Well contemplating on the decision as to whether to buy a new home or resale one, look from the practical and preferential standpoint.

Fitting and fixtures

The newly constructed homes have all the safe fittings and fixtures already fitted in place. One can be assured that it will run for a long time. On the contrary, most resale homes have some or the other wiring or fitting related issue. Many of these mature houses come to the market through agents who run advertisements saying we buy houses fast.  They give the home sellers the convenience of selling their homes without getting it renovated or refurbished.


New neighborhoods bourgeoning these days are often subjected to rules and regulations by homeowners associations. There is a fair chance that you might have to abide by a set of established standards. Some might find it a good way to maintain community and standard but others might feel it be too restrictive.

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