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Canvas art – A Knowhow

The images printed on canvas fabric are referred to as canvas art. Canvas fabric means a fabric stretched over an internal or wooden frame. Canvas is made of temp due to this canvas is sturdy and long-lasting. Nowadays, the canvas is made of cotton or Lenin. Mostly the Star Wars Art we use at home is made of cotton or polyester as the prices vary.

Types of canvas

Oil Canvas: Oil canvas is made up of zinc white. The primer layer is bound with linseed oil. The canvas is put in a dry room for three days. Then again the canvas is sanded and coated with titanium white. All the canvas is put into a dry room for ten more days.

Absorbent Canvas: Absorbent Canvas made of two primer layers of chalk bounded with glue made of rabbit skin. This layer is water based so dried in a dry air oven to evaporate quickly.

Universal Canvas:  Universal Canvas is similar to Absorbent canvas but the major difference is the primer layer is of titanium white.

Canvas printing: Canvas printing replaced the offset printing. Canvas printing uses dye sublimation or inkjet printers. Majority of people like the look of canvas printing as it is very stylish and adds beauty to the decor. Canvas printing looks like an oil painting, old photo from an digital photography. Canvas is long-lasting acrylic. We can print canvas on paper or acrylic directly. Acrylic is UV protected and moisture proof.

Canvas painting: Canvas painting can be done on Lenin or cotton. Lenin is used for canvas painting rather than cotton because the painting looks pretty. The beginners use cotton for canvas painting as it is affordable. Some people use cotton for painting to dry brushing. Lenin is more expensive when compared with cotton. Both cotton and Lenin uses the primer layer as acrylic or oil for canvas painting. We can find the canvas in many forms like backpacks, sails, marquees, etc. Canvas is strong durable and affordable. When compared to wooden painting, canvas painting has several advantages. Canvas can have large formats. It can be rolled off and easily portable.  They are less prone to wrapping and cracking when compared to wooden canvas.  Canvas gives the royal look too. Canvas can be created from a photograph, or a piece of art or from a drawing. We can print canvas in different sizes.

Star Wars Art is stretched, durable and long-lasting. Wooden and foam boards cannot be stretched as canvas are stretched .wooden and foam boards might break down. Studio wrapping canvas is displayed with frames as they have thinner stretched bars. Gallery wrapped canvas is displayed without frames as they have thicker stretched bars.


  • Canvas doesn’t have any dazzle or reflections.
  • Canvas is affordable t and easy to create the extremely larger size
  • Canvas prints can be frameless and fit in any window scene.
  • The canvas looks like painterly effect which is eye-catching.
  • Canvas can be fitted in semi-humid places
  • Due to frameless canvas can for any style decor.


  • As canvas is stretched they can sometimes deflect.
  • Once the canvas photograph is taken it cannot be changed.


At last, depending upon our taste we have to decide which canvas is fit to for our decor. Both frameless and framed canvas is beautiful. Mostly, people move with frameless canvas even though they are expensive. Frameless canvas fit in any decor, so most people opt for this. The frames canvas also gives rich look as traditional and classic. We will choose this as our home undoubtedly. Decide which canvas is suitable for your Application.

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