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Choosing an Air Compressor for Home Improvement Tools

Home Improvement to be more precise home remodelling is a process of renovating homes and upgrading them in terms of design and functionality. The process involves renovating the exterior structures, electrical, plumbing or the interiors of the home. Hiring a professional always might not be a feasible option in terms of cost and other factors. The alternative to this would be to roll up your sleeves and tackle the repairs all by yourself. Having the right kind of tools for taking up the home improvement jobs is an essential factor. One such widely used home improvement tool is framing nailer. Now to run these the right kind of air compressor is essential as these act as the power source. Choosing the right air compressor for framing nailer it is important to understand the anatomy of the compressor.

An air compressor is a device that makes use of diesel, electric motor or gasoline etc and covert its power into potential energy. They work on the principle of sucking air into storage tank and increasing the pressure. The energy contained in such equipment as discussed above can then be used to run home improvement equipment like the framing nailers. So how do we choose a good air compressor for framing nailer or other such equipments used for home improvements and renovations? There are some key specifications and components to be considered while buying an air compressor for home needs.

  1. Oil free compressors are the need of the hour today. Traditionally the air compressors needed regular oil maintenanceA and checkups. But today the oil free ones are quiet easy to maintain and use. These keep the floor clean and free from oil stains.
  2. Another important factor to be kept in mind is the noise of the compressor. Today with much advancements in the technology there are silent air compressors also available today.
  3. It is equally important to consider the tank capacity while buying the air compressor. The bigger the tank the better it is but when buying for home use size plays an important role. Since they are required to be moved around the house to do the odd jobs the compressors should be compatible enough. Compressors with larger tanks are difficult to store as well.
  4. When a compressor is in use, there are chances that the floor can get scratched by the vibrations produced. Ensure that you buy one that has rubber feet.
  5. When buying a compressor check for the specifications like RPM as well. Around 1400 RPM is the recommended value.
  6. Next thing that one should consider is the power and since home usage does not require much power always buy one that has an appropriate watt value.
  7. Lastly check for the maximum pressure that the tank can hold and also if it has all its safety valves and mechanisms in place. You do not want the compressor to explode due to over compression.

While buying an air compressor for home needs never choose one depending on how expensive it is or on the brand value. Always go for one that serves your purpose more then anything else.

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