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Choosing the most appropriate bed for your toddler who’s in his growing age

Now that your toddler sleeps peacefully in his cot, you must be thinking at the back of your mind that it’s not far enough that he will graduate from a cot to a bed. When it’s time for your toddler to upgrade to a bed, you will be confused with the plethora of options that you get. There are several questions that keep crossing your mind. Are you supposed to buy a single bed for your toddler or a toddler bed? Should the mattress be a latex one or an innerspring mattress? Should it be placed on a slatted base or on an ensemble? Does your child sleep on his back? Then which kind of pillow is best for him? If he sleeps on his stomach or side, which pillow should you opt for?

While all these questions keep hovering around your mind and you think of the best kids bed that you should give your kid, we have compiled a guide for you to help you with making the right choice. Read on.

Remember that each bed is different from the other

As per a paediatric chiropractor, Dr. Havard Bergby, with most of the things in life, you will only get what you’ve paid for. Whenever you plan to buy a bed for a toddler, parents require considering the age and weight of the child. When he is graduating from a cot to a bed, this should take place in between his 18th and 36th month. Post this age, a toddler will reach a stage where he will need a proper bed which has a perfect mattress.

Mattresses with an innerspring system

The experts always recommend parents to buy mattresses which have an innerspring system. As against the foam mattresses, the innerspring mattresses will offer the best form of support to the skeletal system and will conform to the body when your kid is sleeping. Such mattresses don’t even degrade moisture. Foam doesn’t have similar body-supporting properties like a latex bed and it has a tendency to shape your body with time. Hence, you should keep in mind that memory foam beds aren’t good for the health of your kids.

Beds with spinal support is important

As long as sleeping is concerned, the spine support for a child is crucial enough. As they’re growing, their neck and spine should always be in a neutral state so that it reduces stress and lets the spine grow without any kind of restraint. Did you know that the spine of a toddler can grow up to 1.5 cm during night? This usually comes from intervertebral discs between the vertebrae which fill up with water. Make sure the mattress that you buy is soft enough to make your kid comfortable.

Hence, now that you know the things that you should take into consideration before choosing the right bed or mattress for your kid, follow them in order to settle down with the best choice.

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