Heat Pump Dryers: The Cheap and Energy Efficient Way of Drying Clothes

One of the most prolific activities of our lives is washing clothes, and drying them as well. We tend to focus a lot on the types of washing machines available in the market and try to zero in on the one that suits our needs. However, we never care about the dryer that we use for making our clothes moisture free. However, aside from the normal dryers that we get with our very basic type of semi-automatic machine, several other types of dryers are also available in market. Let’s understand the different types of dryers.

All kinds of clothes dryers function by blowing warm air through the clothes to dehydrate them. However,sophisticated dryers use different technologies to accomplish this function. Vented clothes dryer releases hot and humid air into the surrounding environment and so requires good ventilation. If not provided with necessary ventilation, its surrounding environment will turn hot and humid. Vented clothes dryers are cheap to buy. Unlike vented dryers, which release moist hot air from the dryer into your room, condenser dryers employ a heat exchanger for condensing moisture from the exhaust air. They collect condensed moisture in a reservoir or drain it away. Gas clothes dryers operate on natural gas instead of using electricity as a heat source. Gas dryers are function well, but are expensive and state certain precautions for selection of clothes. Heat pump condenser dryers employ heat exchange principles of reverse cycle air conditioner for warming the air to dry the clothes. This makes heat pump dryers a cheaper option in comparison to other driers in terms of its operation. These dryers use approximately 40 to 50 percent less energy than the other types of dryers.

So, once we see all the features of different types of dryers, we can easily come to the conclusion that heat pump dryers are best to use in today’s world. This is the reason why more and more companies are bringing heat pump dryers into the market. One of the companies in Europe providing best heat pump dryers, or beste warmtepompdroger in Dutch, is was-droger. The different types of heat pump dryers manufactures by them can be found at their web site, https://was-droger.nl/warmtepompdroger.

This company offers a range of heat pump dryers. Their top best heat pump dryers, or bestewarmtepompdroger in Dutch, are AEG Lavatherm T8DE84EWand Bosch WTY87700NL and AEG T8DB86ES. The AEG Lavatherm T8DE84EW heat pump dryer employs techniques to dry in a gentle way laundry of 5 people. It gives options of 10 different programs for 8 kilograms drum size. ItsSensiDry sensors protect the tender clothes by maintaining a low temperature. Moreover, it hasAbsoluteCare system that provides safe and gentle treatment to all clothes.The Bosch WTY87700NL is a stainless steel dryer having self-cleaning condenser, that remains lint-free.It circulates well the heat produced by the heat pump and is energy-efficient. Its anti-vibration function makes it work in a noiseless manner. It offers options of different drying programs and gentle treatment for all clothes.

These two are not the only two types of heat pump dryers that this company offers. It has a whole selection of high functioning and energy efficient dryers. Their products with all the features can be foundat their web site, https://was-droger.nl/warmtepompdroger.

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