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Home Guide 101: Is It Better To Buy Or Rent A Home?

Buying a home or renting one? Which should you choose from?

Well, there are clear benefits to both of them as well as problems that come with them. Here, we are going to dissect some of the reasons why you should rent or buy a home. To see which is the better choice for you at this time.

The Cost

Well, this is, of course, the first thing that everybody should consider especially during close construction. It is the upfront cost. While houses need a lot more. Renting as well as leasing also comes with its downsides. While owning a home might be more burdensome on your wallet.

Renting gives you a tough start. The general rule of thumb when renting or even leasing is that you need to pay up front three times your monthly payment as well as move-in fees. You are then required to pay rent for every month thereon after.

The upfront fees required when buying a house would be astronomical compared to the upfront cost of renting. However, there is a house that can be yours at the end of it all. While when you are renting a home. You might never see the end of it. Only increases in the rent you pay monthly. And that is another thing that you should consider.

While renting might be a bad choice when it comes to your financials. But, this does not mean that owning a house does not. While it is generally better to buy a house you can call your own after 20 years or so, you might be surprised on how much a home can be a burden when you move to a different state or country.

Not only does it kill your chance at enjoying the new city that you are in. You will also struggle financially if ever you decide to move out of a house you are currently using but continually paying.


When it comes to buying a house credit might have a significant role to play. This is of course because of the lenders, and their assessment on how much they can help you. When it comes to renting, however, all you need is the upfront payment which is good enough.

Being able to buy a house heavily depends on your ability to take care of your credit. When you have good credit, you might be able to choose from a more extensive selection of houses on the other hand where you might have a problem with your credit. It would be better for you to pay your rent until such time that you have a good credit score.

You Have a High Debt

This is when you need to start fixing things in your life. There is no perfect way to lead a person’s financial woes. Having a high debt ratio would both stifle your renting as well as buying a house. This is because lenders consider this as another important factor in assessing the amount of money they can lend you.

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Of course, lenders expect you to pay it back eventually, but that might be impossible given as you already have current debt that you have yet to pay.

Renting an apartment might be the best solution for this matter since you can slowly whittle down your debt and have a roof on your shoulder. However, this might be hard for you as well since you will be losing money while you do it.

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