Important reminders in choosing a washer-dryer combination machine:

Looking and choosing for the best washer-dryer is a strenuous thing to do. A customer should possess a good sound decision in choosing what is best for him.  There several factors that must be considered before buying one. First, you must consider  the space in your house where you can put your washer-dryer combination machine. Taking into consideration that the washer-dryer machine is built-in washing dryer, it only occupies a little space in your house so practicality wise this is exactly the right solution for you. Seldom can you find a machine that does a dual task. Today plenty of washing machines are found in the market with different manufacturers, different features, and with different prices. Customers are varieties of options so they could make the right option on what type of washer-dryer he is looking for. Was droogcombinatie will greatly help you to find the perfect one for you.

The Best Wash-Dry Combination:

 What special features found in LG4J6TMOW for getting a 5 Stars?

 LGF4J6TMOW washer-dryer-has the maximum load of 8 kilograms filled load and 5 kilograms dry load. So it is so ideal for drying blankets and other heavy laundry. It is saves energy for switching the machine is less often. There are plenty of features and the sensor technology of this machine keeps the laundry always in condition. The LGF4J6TMOW has a Direct Engine which make it more economical, less noise, and more durable. LG has also set up a very special program which is the 6 Motion Technology whose purpose is to give a special fabric care like children swear, babies wear, swimwear, sports and gym clothing, jeans, blankets, clothing with stains and perspiration, and colored clothing.

On the other hand, a Smart Diagnose program is set up in order to have an easy detection whenever the machine got into trouble and to apply a speedy solution. The costumer is given 30 days to change his mind upon purchase. As to payment mode, the customer can pay in advance, pay as you want or pay later. The price is $749 and has the rating of 5 stars.

What makes Bosch WVG30442NL expensive from another brand?

Bosch WVG30442NL laundry dryer combination- this machine is not space consuming, The touch control program could easily be seen and operated for it is largely displayed in the LED display window The speed could be adjusted up to 1500 rpm  Load capacity is 7 kilograms filled laundry. It is also provided with a special feature which is the Speed Perfect, once you use this feature the wash program will speed up to 65% faster. If the customer chooses EcoPerfect, energy savings are up to 50%. Since the durability of this machines is highly trusted, the company is giving a 10-year warranty. The customer is given 30 days to change his mind upon purchased. The mode of payment depends on the client options, Pay in advance, pay as you want, pay later or staggered. The price is $833 and the rating is 5 stars.

What special feature Indesit has that makes this washer-dryer unique?

Indesit XWDA751480XWWWGEU washer dryer: – It has a speed of 1400 rpm and it has a load capacity of 7 kilograms of laundry and 5 kilograms on drying. This machine has 16 washing programs and 12 drying programs as well. The special feature Woolmark Gold makes the clothes always looking new. Delicate clothes are safely washed by this washer-dryer machine. The customer is given the chance to change his mind 30 days prior to purchase. As of the mode of payment, it could be paid in advance, pay as you want, staggered or pay later. It has a 10-year warranty on the brushless motor. The price is $472 and the rating is 4 stars.

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