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Maintain your garden’s freshness using the sprinkler!

Think of waking up after a tiresome sleep to the floral scents you get from your garden that changes often as the wind does. Add in the delightful smells that waft through the air, the sound of birds and you will begin to understand that a garden is truly a mix of fragrance brought alive by the sounds of nature and enhanced with colours, that only Mother nature can create herself.

The very word ‘garden’ leaves an impression of green in your mind, doesn’t matter how small or big the garden is, it is sure to create an environmental impression on your mind. Gardening is engaging, fun activity anyone can take up at any point in their life, their benefits being many, after realizing these benefits one might wonder they didn’t take up this earlier.

Maintaining the freshness and the greenery of the garden is as important as this is what brings about the freshness to our homes. There are many ways to maintain the mellow as such, one of them being the impact sprinkler.  An impact sprinkler mechanism is such that it has a sprinkler head that pivots on a bearing on top of it attachment nut, and at least one arm. The sprinkler arm is repeatedly pushed back into water stream by a spring. The arms striking the water stream scatters the stream and re-directs the flow slightly, enabling a watering area around the area. The garden impact sprinkler ensures uniform watering throughout the area.

In some of the impact sprinkler mechanism, the heads feature a second, short range, opposing “spreading” nozzle, which fills the close range watering coverage role. The impact sprinkler mechanism has a limiting collar, adjusting the position of which water flow can be directed from a full-circle pattern to one of less coverage. The limiting collars are fully adjustable by twisting with fingers to achieve the area of coverage required.

The impact sprinkler’s long spray radius and uniform water distribution ensures the effect of natural rainfall and is of great use as it is evident that it soon replaced all the old techniques soon after its invention.


  • Impact sprinkler eliminates water conveyance channels, thereby reducing water loss. Water is also distributed more evenly across crops helping to avoid wastage.
  • The uniformity of coverage is achieved while using the impact sprinkler mechanism.
  • The operation of the sprinkler at lower water pressures is possible while using the sprinkler mechanism.
  • Also to be added as an advantage is the sand and grit resistance it offers.

If you are deeply into gardening and want to know more about the added advantages of using the impact sprinklers visit us at https://cocacrop.com/best-impact-sprinkler/. We assure we would be there for you round the clock.

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