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Robot Reviews: 5 Gadgets That Tell You Future is Here

It is clear that we’re about to go through another technology revolution.Independent smart robots around your house are a sure sign of it. If you think smart kitchens are state of the art, just wait to see what awaits you in the near future.A fine example can be seen here, on Weebly. Here are the 5 top robots you can have at home:

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners were taken by the public as a joke. People thought it was just a show. Today, so many technology brands are making robot vacuum cleaners.

They are excellent because you don’t have to care about cleaning your floors. The Robot vacuum cleaner is set to do its daily task at a scheduled time. Preferably while you’re at work so you don’t need to get your feet up while the robot does its job.

Soon, you’ll forget about doing that boring vacuuming of your home. Just like people forgot about washing their clothes by hand and washing the dishes for hours too. The only time you’ll need to do anything about it is at the end of the week when you’ll need to dump the dirt and do regular maintenance of the brush.

Security Robots

If vacuum robot cleaners are something you’ve surely seen before, can you say the same about security robots? Yes, tiny robots patrolling down your yard is the future of security.

Instead of static cameras connected to a hard-disc, the future of security is called robots that walk around and take pictures and videos. Today’s models, obviously with the chance to be upgraded in the future, can take videos on every movement and send them through an app to your mobile phone in real time.

This means there’s no chance for burglars to come in unnoticed because even if something moves near the robot it will immediately turn the eye-camera toward the movement, record, and send through the Bluetooth or internet. Cool, huh? Follow this link for more: http://www.pearltrees.com/testavisrobot

Window Cleaners

If you thought that just the floors are covered with robot vacuum cleaners, you’re wrong. Your windows need some maintenance too and people in the cleaning industry got you covered on this one too.

There are robot cleaners for windows that work on a similar concept to the floor cleaners. The difference is the way cleaners hold itself to the window and moves, and of course the type of brushes and solution it uses. Windows need a different cleaning approach so the robot will do what it takes and you still have nothing to worry about.

Lawn Mowers

Living in a building apartment saves you from this one, but if you’re living in a house, you know how much time mowing the loan can take. Well, in the future, probably no one will have to do this anymore. People invented loan mowers working completely on their own that you don’t have to control whatsoever.

Simply let it go in the grass, have a beer, and watch how things get fixed by themselves. When it is done or when the battery is near to its end, it will go to its docking station to recharge. Different models have different features, but overall, a robot lawn mower is a really good gadget. Find some more robots and robots like this here.

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