San Diego Short Sale - Viable Alternative to the Foreclosure
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San Diego Short Sale – Viable Alternative to the Foreclosure

Foreclosure is the traumatic experiences that homeowner will ever face. With increase of over 79% in the foreclosure rates, increasing number of the homeowners are facing this nightmare of losing out their home. Suppose you cannot afford to make the mortgage payments, there’re alternatives to the foreclosure proceedings. The options getting huge attention is called “short sale.”

What’s Short Sale?

The short sale is one kind of “agreement” between a homeowner and lender that will allow your home to get sold for lesser amount that it is owed on mortgage. The short sales are very helpful compromise for everybody involved in this process. For the debt-ridden Seller, short sale will spare them from the embarrassment, pain, and credit challenges, which result from the foreclosure. Lender avoids the expenses and work that are involved in case they need to seize or auction off the property. Seller gets no money from sale of their home but lender doesn’t report any transaction as the foreclosure to credit bureau.

San Diego short sale

Selling out home through the short sale generally differs from selling the home in normal circumstances. Whereas the seller and buyer might come to certain type of agreement on own, lender in the short sale ultimately will have the final approval of sales contract. It is very important to see that short sales happen at a sole discretion of the lender. And not all the lenders will agree for short sales and discounted payoffs, particularly if the foreclosure provides them with the better opportunity of recouping any losses. In addition, not all properties and sellers qualify for the short sales. Generally, borrowers should be 91days delinquent before the lender will discuss the short sale. There can be the tax ramifications linked with any kind of short payoff and foreclosure; thus you must contact the tax advisor before proceeding or take help of the San Diego short sale.

How Can I Proceed With the Short Sale?

The requirements differ from one lender to another, however most may demand you prepare & submit the extensive range of the documentation. It includes the written declaration and supporting documentation that will prove an inability of making payments. You have to submit tax returns, pay stubs, and statements of all your assets. The task is made less tedious by hiring services of the San Diego short sale specialist. The financial consultants have got great working relationships with the mortgage lenders that allow them in helping you to avoid any common pitfalls that you will encounter while trying to negotiate with your lender. So, time is of essence to find the best choice after defaulting on the loan. An average consumer may spend several days in making calls to find the correct department and person responsible to handle the short sales for the lender.

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