Stone Paving and Steps Continue Their Impressive History

If you own or run a property in London that is need of some stone steps and paving work done to its entrance, one such company has been excelling at this for more than seven decades.Based in London and with more than 70-years worth of experience in the stone masonry business, Stone Steps and Paving has a fabulous reputation for the steps and paving services that they offer.

Over the years they have been enhancing the aesthetic beauty and durability of the entrances of buildings of all ages that are situated all over the country. Whether through repairing, renewing or replacing any stonework, this is a company that will be able to bring the styleand elegance that your property deserves.

The entrance is the first part of a property that somebody will experience and it is here where first impressions are made. Whether a home or a business, that first impression is extremely important and should be treated as such by ensuring that it is a good one. You might be trying to sell a house or entice new customers through the doors, well with a well-kept entrance, you are going to have a far better chance of making the impression needed in order to achieve both.

Stones Steps and Pavingsutilise traditional stonemasonry techniques and will always create work that is both custom and will perfectly match the property that it has been performed upon.

The two services on offer at Stone Steps and Paving are shown below with a short description of what you can expect:

Stone Steps

If you require work performed on your current stone steps such as repairing or restoring or simply want a fresh build, the guys at Stone Steps and Paving are the best people to call. They have a workforce that includes highly qualified and experienced stonemasons and bricklayers, and have completed some he projects in the past such as work on cathedrals, churches and protected buildings.

They will work with you on any project to ensure that it is planned correctly at each stage. This will involve ensuring the right stones are used, that the best design is chosen and that the actual installation is completed to the highest of standards and in the most efficient manner possible.


Stone Steps and Paving as their name might suggest, also provide paving services that can add value and beauty to both the front and read of your property. Again, their service includes everything from consultation, to a design phase to establish the style and any materials used and right up until the actual installation takes place.

They are also just as happy to work on the smaller projects as they are the larger ones and will always deliver an end-product that will add substantial value to your property. If you’re interested in what they have to offer, we recommend that you get in touch with them today to discuss the work that you need to be done.

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