Bathroom Cladding Instead of Tiles
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The Benefits of Installing Bathroom Cladding Instead of Tiles

The modern design of the bathroom should not be too expensive or complicated. If your bathroom furniture is in good condition and relatively new, your bathroom may just need a new coat of paint and some new accessories. But if the walls and ceiling suffered years of steam and mildew, just adding another coat of paint would not solve the problem. He will simply cover it, preparing for the future. At first glance, it can seem a lot of work to transform the walls of your bathroom.

Removing and changing the tiles causes a lot of confusion and dust

Completely replacing old tiles with new ones will also be expensive, since they are not just tiles that will make a hole in your pocket, unless you are an expert in tile assembly, you will have to shell out an experienced builder to install them as well. Cutting tiles with precision is a highly professional trade, especially for them carefully around pipes and shower accessories. An alternative solution to remove the tiles and give your bathroom a completely new look is to choose a PVC bath liner. Waterproof PVC sheets can be attached quickly and easily to the walls of your bathroom. They can be installed directly on the existing slabs, creating a completely new look.

PVC tubs are available in great color and patterns. From marble colors to brilliant brushed steel, the design possibilities are endless. And as soon as you solve your problems with the wall, you can even have a PVC coating suitable for your ceilings, the perfect solution if you want to build spotlights. A quick and easy update of the decoration of your bathroom cladding is easy to do with the accessories. Replace your moldy shower curtain with a shiny new one or change your old toilet seat to make your bathroom a more relaxing and refreshing place to entertain.

Installing Bathroom Cladding Instead of Tiles

A recent article is the vinyl floor, which is not only very affordable, but also respectful of the environment. Unlike tiles, which tend to be cold, vinyl takes room temperature, which prevents you from having cold feet before or after showering. It also offers you a range of colors and patterns, which offers you a wide selection of interior design ideas to choose from. To prolong the life of the vinyl for many years, make sure that when installing it, place it on a flat surface. Vinyl panels can be placed over any other material if the surface is smooth and flat.


The stone is another option of floors, although it is an old option. The stone has been used for bathrooms for many years, giving it a touch of experience. You can choose an old Romanesque look or more modern painted designs. The stone is easy to clean, does not form dirt and is easy to maintain. It is expensive to install, but its durability makes up for the investment.

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