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The Estate Sales Services That Gives An Outstanding Result

For over 30 years, Andrew and Linda Adelson of Everything Goes, the metro Detroit community has relied upon their expertise because they are the specialists in on-site household liquidations and estate appraisals.

The Liquidations

Everything Goes is the leader in the industry of on-site residential liquidations. The creative merchandising technique that works efficiently and quickly to liquidate your personal property. With the expert staff that has the ability to mediate the highest price possible on your behalf. This professional service includes the following:

  • Spectacular staging which makes all the difference
  • Property identifying Evaluation, pricing, and inventory
  • Online and creative advertising
  • The responsible and experienced sales staff
  • An expert on sales preparation
  • An on-site movers
  • Expediting charitable donations with overseeing removal and documentation
  • A prompt reconciliation and payment
  • With complete household sales management

Everything Goes will offer similar services for off-premise estate liquidation sales if for any reasons you are unable to host the sale of property in the home or business. The company has the ability to sell everything- Knoll, Lalique, fine jewelry, Baker, Steuben, Kittinger, Baccarat. With one time or a hundred and from everyday furnishings to priceless antiques and artwork. The company’s large database including collectors interested in unique and specific items.

All About Everything Goes

Everything Goes aid families and business in providing fair market replacement value evaluations of all personal and business property. The company also has the ability in liquidating everything like furniture, collections, fine art, vehicles, antiques, vehicles, equipment and all personal and/or business furnishings. The estate sale online services combine ingenious merchandising techniques with high-tech support systems to ensure outstanding results. The company determines the set-up and staging before the sale, the value, provides complete household sales management, and place advertisements. Everything Goes has the capability to provide everyone with a personalized confidential certificate of appraisal. The company works closely with Bank Trust Officers, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Individual Homeowners, Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Builders & Architects. The company is happy to answer any questions and deal with anticipated clients directly. Everything Goes also meet at their homes for evaluation and walk them through the estate sale process without charging for the consultation for those prospective clients.

Getting A Top Dollar For Your Estate

This service includes the following:

  • Pricing all the items
  • A professional on-site signage
  • To organize and display household content
  • Provides display tables and other necessary equipment
  • Inspecting, researching, and evaluate each item.
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