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The Most Convenient Home Accessories you should Buy

You have already had to make many choices for the nursery: choices “pleasure” (colors, decorative objects), but also choices “reason” (where to change the table, what type of bed to choose). But did you think about storage? You will soon need space to store all the business of your wonder: clothes that change size every month (and yes, every month), toys, baby accessories, or bathing necessities. The website homefurnitureadviser.com can guide you through these home accessories.

As for all other furniture for the nursery, it will be necessary to choose storage with care; both designs are ecological, solid and very practical. Rest assured, furniture manufacturers offer multiple solutions, and we’re here to give you some tips πŸ™‚

The Essential Piece of Furniture: the Chest of Drawers

It is hard to do without a dresser. To start, the drawers allow you to store the laundry and have it easily at hand, because it will have to change often your wonder. For the first weeks (or even the first few months), we forget the wardrobe: you will especially need bodysuits, pajamas, sleeping bags and small clothes that will not need to be hanged on a hanger.

Another advantage of the chest of drawers is that it can be used as a changing table, provided that it is properly provided for this purpose by the manufacturer (baby safety comes first!). If your dresser is designed to fit a plan and a changing mat, you will have to hand the products for the change of baby and all his clothes.

The Ideal Wardrobe when Baby becomes Big

Even if you do not suspend the baby’s business on hangers the first months, a wardrobe can still be of great service to you. To begin, you will have a lot of baby equipment to store: the accessories of the stroller, bath accessories (deckchair, seat), the deckchair, the bassinet. There it will be necessary to find a place for all these indispensable objects, but which are not all used at the same moment of the day, or at the same age. You will be very happy to have invested in a cabinet to store this material particularly cumbersome. It will also be necessary to store clothes that have become too small, to give/sell them/transmit them to the little brother or the little sister.

And then, over time, it will be convenient to store your child’s belongings in the closet area of ​​the wardrobe, be it small dresses or pants.

A Toy Box and a Book Shelf for a Neat Room

You will also have to store the toys (very bulky) and books (very heavy) for your little wonder. And something tells me that he does not miss it! And as you are a fan of decoration, you will also want to exhibit some beautiful objects to set the tone for this beautiful room.

For toys, the classic toy chest offers a lot of storage space. It can also serve as a desk for reading moments, for example. Another very practical solution for storing toys: large storage bags made of rigid canvas. They have the advantage of being less bulky and your child is not likely to get caught in!

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