The Perfect House in the City of Singapore

Today Singapore is the city of dream for those living in Pan Asia region due to its growing economy.  The country offers the international living standards along with job opportunities like no other.  But the question is, where do you stay in Singapore?

Petit Jervois is one of the best places to live in the heart of the city thus being called the ‘Petit Jervois at Jervois Road’ with a site area of 34,038 sqft and gross site area of 52,419 sqft and location on 30F Jervois Road Singapore 249012 and to add onto the already such an attractive place it is surrounded with the Popular Valley Point Shopping Centre, Redhill Food Centre, Bukit Merah Food Centre, Beo Crescent Market, Havelock Cooked Food Centre, and much more.

 Why live in Singapore though?

You can live in Petite Jervois City Centre Condo but the main question is why should one live in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Living Cost

Singapore is known for his living standards.  That combined with low cost of living – what else can you ask for?

Petit Jervois at Jervois Road

  1. Many jobs are regional in scope

 Singapore positions itself as a regional hub for companies doing business across Asia-Pacific. Consequently, many jobs based here will have a broader regional scope of responsibilities. This is great for those who like business travel. The Singapore government is very pro-active in its effort to attract good international talent to the island-state. They have set up an agency called Contact Singapore to focus on this.

  1. Settling

English is widely spoken English which can come in handy when you are settling in Singapore.  With your proficiency in English language along with work visa, there is no stopping for you.  You can get settled in the country in no time. Also, the hygiene in the country is impressive.  You can drink water from any private or public place and you can be sure to get pure water.  Plus the city is very safe for everyone.  Singapore has the best education system in the world

On more than a few occasions, Team Expat has covered Singapore’s education system, which we’ve found to nurture some of the smartest kids in the world, including child genius Aidan Na. If you move there with your children , you would be glad to know your children are about to get a world-class education, as the island city-state prides itself on its style of teaching, quality of teachers, and competitive environment.

  1. Why the city specifically

The city has something to offer for every one regardless of their age.  Whether you are a single or couple, you can enjoy the place to the fullest.  Its nightlife, restaurants, bars are like no other.  Shopping is also available in abundance.

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