The Self-build Movement Is Growing. Here Are Three Reasons You’re Going to Want to Join It

Since opening up registrations in Spring of 2016, more than 30,000 UK citizens have signed up for Right To Build registers. Needless to say, the National Custom and Self Build Association is off to a successful start. Thanks to legislative protections, you’re about to see a lot custom self-build projects popping up throughout the entire company.

Citizens, including this writer, have already seen many new projects over the past few years. Why is such an independently minded lifestyle taking hold in the UK? The reasons are many, but here are a few of the most prominent.

Homes Built for a Better Future

Climate change is real, and not getting any better. Everyone needs to take tangible action wherever possible to ensure that there is still a world to live in 100 years from now. For the environmentally conscious home buyer/builder, a self-build is the perfect option.

Efficiency is the hallmark of a self-built home. Space is used as wisely as possible, and the current models with secondary glazing on the market are designed to keep utility bills and your carbon footprint as low as possible. Homeowners report better living conditions compared to traditional housing, as well as more satisfaction from taking an active role in healing the earth.

A Personal Touch in an Impersonal World

The houses built in today’s market are downright depressing. As the world sees another worrying housing bubble inflate, individuality and good design choices are left behind in the name of profit.

Houses, condos, and apartment complexes show little originality. The buildings leave absolutely zero opportunity for the owners and tenants to leave their personality on the place. Your home should be your domain, a place that is undeniably yours.

Self-built homes add some “colour” back into a bland housing market. From concept to completion you have a say in the design of your domain. Every nook and cranny can be built to your specifications and theming desires. Your personality will shine through in a way that can never be achieved through traditional housing options.

The Home Building Accessibility You Deserve

For centuries it has been the desire of men and women all over the world to be the heads of their own domain. Few things give a sense of accomplishment quite like owning and maintaining your own home and life. Times are tough though. Climbing the ladder to home ownership is tough for many, and seems downright impossible for the younger generations.

Self-builds take away the housing barrier that is facing millions of UK citizens. A lack of DIY skills is the biggest hurdle that most will face, but that can be overcome with local contractors. Cost, property availability, and sustainability are all achievable for people from just about every walk of life.

There’s Still Time to Get in on the Bottom Floor

The self-building revolution is still in its early stages. If you are looking to get in on the ground floor, then it is not too late. The affordable home of your dreams is within grasp.

If you want a home that displays your true personality, a home that will be a net positive on society and the environment, a home that can be built on any budget and at just about any skill level, then a self-built home is right for you.

Your first steps are going to involve learning about the movement and what goes into making the perfect self-built house. You’re in the right place to learn more though. So look around and read some more today. These are your first steps towards a truly unique home owning experience.

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