The Wide Options for the Blinds As per Your Choice
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The Wide Options for the Blinds As per Your Choice

An interior blind decorates and hides a window or bay window. Venetian blind, awning, roll awning, Japanese awning and the awning comes in different models for the interior. Just need a mosquito net? So follow the guide and our comparison to choose your indoor blind.

The advantages of an interior blind

In recent years, this window and door window accessory has multiplied and its technology has evolved to the point of claiming that there is a blind for each opening of each home. In addition to its occulting power, the window shade assumes the role of heat shield. To choose the shade and combine aesthetics and practicality, ask yourself these two questions.

What is the type of opening to cover?

Why do you want to cover the window?

It goes without saying that we do not put on a bay window a boat blind but rather a blind with vertical slats or Japanese panels! Conversely, on a tilt-and-turn window or a glass door, a Venetian blind or a roller blind is considered. Be careful, however, because some blinds adapt very well to different openings!

Roller Blinds in Melbourne

The different types of blinds and their installation

Roller blind

The roller blind rolls up through a cord positioned most often on one side. For the installation on windows this is a very important matter. For the Roller Blinds in Melbourne this is a very important now.

Veiling blind

The sheer awning is particularly aesthetic and light, it is also adjustable but has a low occulting power. By exaggerating, it can be said that sheer curtain looks like a curtain.

Installation on windows

The Japanese blind is a succession of panels covering each other slightly for a better occultation. The Japanese blind is adjustable and unfolds in the direction of the length.

Boat blind

The boat awning unfolds not rolled up but in rectangular strips proportional to the height of the opening. The boat awning is aesthetic and most often colored.

Installation on windows

Venetian blind

The Venetian blind is composed of strips that can be tilted according to his desires for a lesser or total occulting power.

Pleated blind

The pleated blind is closed in a box and runs along the window, most often guided by rails. For the installation on windows mainly and especially those of roof you need the best deals.

Slat blind

The vertical blind is composed of slats that overlap slightly when it is desired to hide the opening. The blind is particularly suitable for windows.The different materials used for the manufacture of blinds. The materials of the blinds are numerous and allow a wide use that meets all the requirements!

Venetian blind

The sheer awning is available in the category: boat awning, vertical blind, roller blind, Venetian blind, pleated blind and Japanese panel. In short, everywhere! The density of the curtain and its material determines its use. To choose it, appreciate its occulting power and its ability to sift light.

Fabric awning

The fabric awning is also available in all shade categories. The fabric awning is easy to maintain. A simple cleaning with water or microfibre is enough and some manufacturers even offer a simple rinse in the shower. Its function is clear, the fabric blind obscures the view and the light in totality.

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