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Tips to Prevent and Handle Blocked Sewers and Drainage System

Blocked drains can cause havoc in your home and if it moves into the sewers then it would probably mean expensive plumbing repairs. However, before focusing on how to tackle this situation, you need to understand the tips that can be followed to prevent blocked sewers along with the potential reasons that cause clogged drains.

What Causes Blocked Sewers and How to Prevent Them?

There are many things that can cause blocked drains and sewers, given below are the top five amongst them:

  • Grease and Oil: it is always tempting to force the tiny particles of food scrapes into the sink, but it should be avoided at all costs. Most of the sink pipes are designed with an ‘S’, as a result of which the food scrape will not be able to move through the pipes and ultimately get trapped and clog the drains. Besides this, the grease and oil present on them acts like a magnet for debris, which sticks to the oil and settles on the drainpipes worsening the situation.
  • Soap and Hair: When soap gets mixed with hair then together they form a strong barrier against the movement of water and can block the drain in no time. Even though the pop-out stopper is able to remove most of the hair, still some of them slip into the drainpipes and cause blocked sewers. A good practice is to opt for maintenance services to get rid of them from time to time.
  • Toilet Paper: Without a doubt, the toilet papers are designed to be flushed but when you dump too much at once then this can potentially block the system. Apart from toilet paper, never flush anything else into the system. If you have kids then do make sure that they don’t take their toys near the toilet area or keep the doors locked always.
  • In-organic Materials: Avoid dumping the inorganic materials into the system, as these can clog the drains in no time. For example, the bristles of brushes, paint or other chemicals can easily deteriorate the quality and performance of the drainpipes. To prevent blocked sewers dump motor oil, spackle, paint thinner and other harmful chemicals away from the system and responsibly.
  • Plants and Trees: Another common reason of blocked sewers are the trees or plants that are present too close to the drains. Their roots can easily penetrate into the system, making both maintenance and repairs a tedious process. Moreover, if the roots grow into the pipes then you would probably have to replace them with new ones.

Given above are the five common reasons for blocked drains and sewers in our houses.

How to Handle Blocked Sewer and Drainage?

When you notice that the drain is blocked then the first step is to seek help from a professional plumber at once. You can explain the various signs and symptoms to the plumber along with the problems that you are facing and how severe is the blocked sewerat home. The plumber will first inspect the system to understand what could have triggered the problem and then come with the best solution.

A common mistake that people should avoid while dealing with blocked sewer and drainage system is fixing them on your own. Opting for DIY service not only can worsen the issue but at the same time can result into water damage affecting your property too.

So, when suffering from blocked drains and sewers never forget about preventing the causes and always count on the services of professional plumber to handle a troubling situation in an effortless manner.

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