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There is a reason behind naming it a “Happy Toilet”. The toilets from the best selling company harneymfg are of a high standard and bear all the facilities that a luxurious toilet actually needs. The seller of the awesome toilet and bathroom facilities is now on the verge of selling the toilets which are both attractive to soothe the eyes and please the body. Watch video here on harneymfg.comabout how each toilet is different in their functioning and the extraordinary features in them. Accordingly, you can make a purchase of the perfect toilet that will suit you in every manner. There are many products that are sold here. One of such product is the Motion Activated LED color changing Toilet Bowl. This product has been reviewed to be one of the most special ones. So, it is time to discover the reasons behind it.

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Blindly, you can be assured of the fact that the product is one of the best selling ones in the market. There are some awesome features that will please you.

  1. The design-the design is simple to install and clean. The 3AAA batteries (though do not come with the product) drive the toilet bowl upto eight hours at a stretch. The simple design of the toilet bowl makes it very easy to clean.
  2. Colours-There is a set pattern of the color There are a total of eight colors that keep changing. There is a choice available to the customer about the color cycle or an eight color single color. According to the choice of the customer, the toilet will work well to make it simply look gorgeous., the colorrotation just not gives a beautifullook to the toilet bowl during the night rather make a person calm down from worrying about ghosts.
  3. Cleaning facilities-The toilet is too easy to be cleaned because it is water resistant and can be cleaned with any of the household cleaners. There is nothing to be tired of cleaning the toilet bowl. Rather, it is quite easy and fun.
  4. Warranty period-Unlike other toilet bowls that have a warranty period of just 6 months, this toilet bowl has a warranty of 1 year. Thetotal lack of the toilet bowl comes with a combination of two-nightlights. The toilet light is made up of ailun which is activated with an LED supply and is also flexible and can be easily bent to suit any toilet size.
  5. Sensor-The LED sensor automatically gets switched on after sensing an entity and stays in the “on” condition for about 120 seconds. This is an important property which helps to get protection against tripping.


The videos that are available for free on the website are free and will give you an idea about which product can be the best one according to the toilet size, the methods of installing and cleaning them, the other fixtures that may enhance the quality of the available ones. When one goes through a video, it is easy to analyze the actual working process. So, be sure to go through the videos for a proper use.


There are some of the best reviews by the customers. The eight-color display works perfectly well. Though the3AAA batteries are not available with the kit, yet when an additional supply is given, it has proved to last long enough. Moreover, the motion activated sensor is a smart one. The distance that can be covered by detection is exactly 2 meters. Moreover, when it is placed facing the door, it works perfectly.

The comfort that is gained by the use of this toilet bowl has made the purchase a worthy one of the cost. There are two rotation as well as a single mode rotation.


To make your toilet a very happy and safe one, there is a need for a healthy sanitation system which can be used by all the members in any of the age group. So, when the sanitation is clean and tidy, free from germs, it is enough to check the basic cleanliness of the house. So, one must go for such a worthy purchase which will suit both comfort and the looks.

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