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What are the types of wood used with timber frame windows?

Timber frame windows are the popular choice where homeowners rely on for the energy efficiency. As there are many types of wood available, the choice is all with the house owner. They need to make a proper research about every wood pros and cons before finalizing their decisions. Listed here are some of the woods used with timber frame window replacements.

  • Mahogany – This is the popular kind of wood used for timber frame windows and doors. This is produced in tropical area and that ranges in various colors from reddish brown to grey. Perfect kind of material is mostly exported from Brazil. This is uniform in color and that is tight and closed with grain. This wood is grown in different region and each has various pros. So check with all the kinds and choose the suitable choice.
  • Oak – When it comes to window mostly people prefer oak. It is a suitable choice. This is considered to be superior. If you prefer to choose oak, then considered a kiln dried wood that lasts longer. Since this is expensive, it is somewhat expensive and has more strength than other kind of wood. This has expensive cost for its durability, hardness and strength. For bay windows and bow windows, this is the suitable material.
  • Teak – This is originated from Southeast Asian region. This is highly expensive and durable in nature. Teak is he durable wood with weather proof property. It is mostly used with ocean ships. This has strong aroma that has high percentage of natural oil in the wood, it can contribute highly to durability.
  • Maple – This is the highly durable wood that has hardness and can resist warping and used with flooring and wall panels. Maple is also suitable for sash windows replacement.
  • Beech – It is the white or pale brown color wood that is widely used in many common household items like chairs, cutting boards and many sash window replacements.
  • Walnut – This wood is beautiful in nature and used to make architectural designs. The extreme cost prevents it from being used for window frames.
  • Elm – This wood is not suitable for timber wood framing. It has the tendency to wrap the product. This is found in reddish brown color.
  • Ash – It is similar to the oak kind wood. This wood is tough and elastic in nature. The finer pieces of ash can be used to imitate oak.

Despite these wood types, house owner should find the durable and strong wood that can apt to their country weather condition. Wood is also an expensive material that needs extra care while choosing. If you are planning to make the construction of home with timber frame, then make a brief research on different kinds of wood and final the one that apt to your requirement.


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