What Makes a Good Mold Inspection
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What Makes a Good Mold Inspection?

A thorough inspection of the form and verification of the form are key to preparing an effective form elimination plan. There are a number of methods and equipment parts that help the inspector to find mold.

Today it will be explained what some of these methods are, and talk about common controls.

A mold test is a moisture test, so determining the point of entry of water or excessive moisture is one of the top priorities for mold inspection. A hygrometer is a device used to measure the moisture content of ambient air or humidity. The hygrometer can be used to determine, for example, whether there is enough moisture in the attic in the air to stimulate the growth of mold. This information is useful for finding out the source of mold growth, in the case of this in the attic, increasing airflow and ventilation. The moisture meter measures the percentage of water in a given substance, for example, in drywall or construction wood. This may indicate the presence of moisture behind the wall for the inspector, without damaging anything.

For comparison: the mold grows everywhere and may be present in our current environment, and since the mold can be cleaned, but not completely removed, if you do not take care of it, this is a very important problem. For example, if your home is clogged with wet areas, the mold will grow and spread everywhere. Over time, this will lead to the production of allergens and toxins, which can be very harmful to you and your family. 

Mold inspection

In addition to humidity tests, there are obvious signs of mold.

The two most commonly used types of mold tests are belt lift tests and air tests. The method of lifting the tape uses a transparent adhesive film that can collect mold particles from the surface with suspicious stains or growths. The results of these tests can classify the genre and amount of mold considered. Air testing is probably the most useful type of dough of the mold and is usually the test form used to “clean” the area after the mold removal project. The air test measures the amount of mold particles in the air that are not visible to the naked eye. In addition, it is mold in the air that is most harmful to the human respiratory system. This type of test can also be used to detect cross-contamination of the core and clean area.

When mold grows in a vacuum on the wall, but not on the surface of the wall, it can be difficult to detect and identify. A borescope is useful in this situation. Borescope has a camera at the end of a long flexible sight, which is fed to a small device screen that can display a live image of a vacuum on a wall. This device can also take photos and record video.

In summary

The combination of all these methods allows for a good inspection of the mold and a good inspection for a good recycling plan.

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