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Why Kustom Timber?

Kustom Timber aims to bring flooring solution to homes with excellence. Personalized designs, a large range of colors width and length. They will adjust your style. Weather white wash finish to add elegance in your living room, Vintage smoke finish for that vintage look in your kitchen or the classy Scandinavian finish. They have the experience to work with clients and collaborating with them on developing products that would fit the standard and requirements ask.


Kustom Timber specializes in state of the art wood flooring. A combination of European oak and Australian eucalyptus backing to create there hardwearing, and floors that are very easy to install and surely will last a lifetime. With their range of the type of homes and business that they cater the company is currently the market leader in design and color.

About the Owners:

Founded in Port Melbourne by owners Tristan Teller and Mark Chaz, Kustom Timber was made with a purpose to deliver quality flooring at an affordable price. Tristan and Mark are the ones managing the whole process in designing to manufacturing from start to finish. The owners choose not to deal with agents or middleman, that way they can give the best price to their clients.


The company’s aim is to raise awareness about the environment. For them, it is important that all materials that they produce respects the highest and ecological standard. This is why they use timber that is FSC certified (FSC is an International network that promotes responsible management of the forest)


All their floorboards are pre-finished in the factory. There is no need for sanding, coating or polishing. The owners are hands-on to the process of how everything is done internally and externally.


So if you are looking for that classy and eco-friendly oak flooring that won’t hurt your budget, if you are looking to work a company that will take your suggestions and fit your taste and style to the design, if you are tired of working with companies that do not have the right tools and knowledge about their service yet charge expensively, or if you just simply looking for the best oak flooring company out there in the market that will make you feel at ease that they know what they are doing then you have to worry no more. Kustom Timber will do it all for you from start to finish.

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