Why You Should Have a Misting System

With rising concerns about water consumption, change in the climate and energy use, people are searching for better and efficient methods to cool off during summers. One of the options that are gaining popularity is the use of an Outdoor Misting System. You must have seen these systems installed in many places like amusement parks, open-air shopping malls, restaurants, crowded public locations, especially during summers.

The restaurants and lounges use over-head misters that can be hidden behind some structural elements or plants. Whereas, in parks, open-air shopping malls, and other crowded locations, large towers are used to spray mist.

The homeowners also use small over-head misting systems and install them on their deck, patio or in the greenhouse. Installation of the misting system is easy but requires significant planning to ensure maximum efficiency of the system.

How does it work?

When water molecules evaporate, the water changes its form from liquid to gas. This change of state requires a certain amount of energy that is drawn automatically from the surrounding air. It results in lowering the ambient temperature around the area.

It’s the same way your body cools itself. When you sweat, the sweat evaporates, which lowers down your body temperature.


Installation of a Misting system has a number of benefits apart from cooling the surroundings. Some of the advantages of installing an Outdoor Misting System are:

  • Reduction of Heat: The most obvious reason and benefit of installing the misting system is a reduction of heat. If used efficiently, misting systems can cool the temperature up to 25 degrees.
  • Insect Repellent: The insects flying around the installations cannot enter into or leave the area. Misting makes it impossible for mosquitoes, flies, and insects to pass through the droplets.
  • Clean air: Misting not only repels insects, flies but also removes impurities in the air like pollen and dust. This is helpful for people with allergies.
  • Flexible: These systems can be used anywhere, and have an advantage over a conventional air-conditioning system that can only be used for indoor. The misting systems can be used in patio, garden, pool or even porch.
  • Economical: The misting system costs way less than the conventional air conditioning systems in the long run and can also cool things up faster. The operating cost of the AC is very high whereas it’s very less in the case of the misting
  • Watering your Plants: The system can also be used to water your plants. You can set up the misting system to water your plants in the hot weather. A simple valve can be used to operate the misting system as a watering system in your garden. The same system can also be used in the winters as a dedicated watering system for the plants.

The Misting system might have a high installation cost, but the operating cost of the system is much lower than that of a conventional air conditioning system. It allows you to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the amount of heat and can be used as a watering system for your garden.

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